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The Maestro Joli Clef™

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The Maestro Joli Clef™ product line was created to entice young students to become more involved and experience more fun in the learning of music. For the teacher, the job of teaching music becomes more interesting, organized, less stressful and more rewarding.

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Maestro Joli Clef™ Dictation Book

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Unlike other music dictation books on the market, this exciting and new Maestro Joli Clef™ Music Dictation Book is designed to assist both music teachers with their teaching and music students with their learning.

This cost effective, attractive, spiral bound three in one music dictation book with convenient colour-coded sections is one that appeals to all.

Important Features:

  • Provides the music teacher with staves upon which to write the exercises to be learned and space below for instruction or helpful hints.
  • Provides a place for the teacher to date and assign homework in an organized and easily accessible manner. (120 assignments)
  • Students are able to document the date and time of their daily practice. Space for parents’ initials is also provided. (720 days)
  • The “Notes” section enables the teacher or student to record important information regarding the purchase of music books, recital/competition/performance information, lesson changes and so on.
  • The student can easily access information on rhythms, key signatures and musical terms and symbols.
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The Maestro Joli Clef™ and
Star in the Making© Stickers

Maestro Jolie Clef - Star in the Making stickers

The Maestro Joli Clef™ and Star in the Making© stickers, when used as a reward, incentive or encouragement tool, elicit positive responses from children.

The Maestro Joli Clef™ 1000 Minute Club Chart and Maestro Joli Clef™ Stamp

Maestro Jolie Clef stamp

The Maestro Joli Clef™ 1000 Minute Club Chart and Maestro Joli Clef™ Stamp have been designed to encourage students to practice regularly. When placed on the studio or classroom wall, the chart promotes student involvement in a fun competition.

Maestro Joli Clef™ Flash Cards

Maestro Jolie Clef flash cards

Maestro Joli Clef™ Flash Cards include all notes and key signatures, are colour-coded for easy access and have been designed for the beginner.

“The Maestro Joli Clef Music Dictation book makes it easy to keep track of what my students are doing. Despite the fact the product line was designed for younger students, I find the dictation book works extremely well for all ages.”

A.F. A.F. Teacher


“The Maestro Joli Clef Music Dictation book assignment section makes practicing much easier. Having to write down my practice time helps me to keep record of the time and regularity of my music practice.”

J.C. J.C. Student


“I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with such a fabulous vocalist. I consider my time with Sandi invaluable. As a teacher, she has pushed and inspired me to go to places vocally that I hadn’t before.”

Bradley Barkman Bradley Barkman
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