“Sandi made a huge difference in my life. At a time when I needed guidance and craved confidence, she was instrumental in giving me both. I feel I was extraordinarily lucky to have her as a teacher, and more importantly, a life-long friend. Enjoy the book, folks. You’re in good hands.”

photo Michael Bublé Michael Bublé
Recording Artist, Singer

“People are interested in studying and staying with Sandi because she is a person of integrity. Strong moral grounding, knowledge and unwavering honesty are sometimes hard to come by in this industry. Sandi offers heaps of all three.”

Colleen Austin

“Sandi Siemens is a master teacher, well loved by her students, who cultivates a hospitable space for the student to strive for both excellence and creativity. Her thorough dedication and passion is visible in her capacity to nurture student's music proficiency in voice, but also to find their personal voice in music. The unique combination of Sandi's skills and gifts filters through to all aspects of her teaching and managing a successful music business that is outstanding. She is a stellar example and deep encouragement for all music teachers, lovers of the arts, and most of all her students.”

photo Celeste Snowber Celeste Snowber, PhD.
Associate Professor of Arts Education
Simon Fraser University

“As a former high school principal, I wish all of my teachers would have had a guide that was this complete. It is simple to follow yet detailed in every aspect. I would recommend this guide to anyone who wants to start a small business or become more organized and successful in their present business. Hooray for Sandi, she has taken her years of experience and created a manual for others to follow. This is a must “How To” read for anyone who wants to get into the private music business.”

photo Dennis Goin Dennis Goin, Ed.D.
Senior Engagement Leader
John Kotter’s 8 Step Leading Change Model

“This book is a must for anyone setting up a private music studio for the first time. It provides professional solutions to common problems inherent in the ‘business’ of teaching music. The appendix alone is a gift and will save many hours of organization.”

photo Arlene McIntyre Arlene McIntyre, B. Mus. NATS emeritus
Teacher of Singing

“I have been accompanying Sandi’s students for many years now and have been impressed by the quality of singers she produces. This, of course, is due not only to the fact that she is a very good voice teacher but also because of how well she runs her studio. A well run studio creates an atmosphere where the student can best concentrate on learning. Sandi also prepares her students for the world of the professional musician by setting a good example for her students and by setting certain expectations of conduct that would be expected of a professional musician.”

photo Barry Yamanouchi Barry Yamanouchi,  B. Mus. M. Mus.

“I have been a working musician/performer for most of my life, and my association with Sandi Siemens began several years ago when I was hired to accompany some of her vocal students. I soon came to realize that her outstanding skill as a vocal teacher was changing the lives of her students. Her knowledge of vocal technique is superb, but her greatest gift is her ability to understand what each individual needs to achieve the best possible outcomes, and to create a learning environment that is supportive, nurturing and fun! I soon came to realize that I would benefit from working with her as a vocal student. I now know first hand what an exceptional coach and mentor Sandi is, and I am thrilled with what I have been able to achieve professionally and personally under her guidance.”

photo Diane Lines Diane Lines, M.A.

“I have had the pleasure to work with Sandi Siemens on a number occasions, and to participate in recitals and workshops arranged by her. Each and every time it has been a well-organized, thoughtful, and coherent event, which reflects well upon her impressive gifts as a techer and impresario. People speak eloquently not only of these gifts, but also of her very special character, and the joy and integrity with which she approaches her art.”

photo Eric Hominick Eric Hominick, B.S.(Music), NATS

“What makes this book a standout is that on every page, Sandi clearly defines the boundaries that determine the efficient and rewarding operation of a professional music studio. Professionalism lies at the core of this book and Sandi's contribution to the professional music teacher’s life is inestimable.”

photo Elizabeth Brodovitch Elizabeth Brodovitch, B.A. Honors, M.A., ARCT
Instructor, School of Music Vancouver Community College

“Thank you Sandi for writing this wondeful guide to what is needed in a successful Music Studio. We teach because we love what we do and are passionate about sharing it with our students, but many of us do not think like business people, we think like musicians. We know that we should be more in tune with the business side, but do not know where to begin. This book is a perfect tool and step by step plan to organize a studio, and take a professional approach to teaching. A great addition to my Music Teacher's library.”

photo Elaine Lindbjerg Elaine Lindbjerg
Voice Teacher

“As a new voice teacher, Sandi’s book gave me the confidence to be firm with my students and their parents on business matters such as payment for lessons and lesson cancellations. It has given me new tools to feel I can still be generous and understanding without losing income due to numerous missed or cancelled lessons. Sandi’s book is an excellent addition to any private music teacher's collection.”

photo Kim Bunka Kim Bunka
Voice Teacher

“Sandi’s book turned my studio completely around. It gave me the tools to easily run an organized business. An amazing bonus was the fact that she included blank forms in her book, so to make the changes was effortless and so very convenient. I highly recommend her book to anyone running their own music studio. ”

photo Lisa Kelly Lisa Kelly
Voice Teacher

“Sandi Siemens professionalism, expertise and years of teaching are lessons that you will carry for a lifetime. Sandi is an amazing teacher and mentor who continues to love her work and her students.”

photo Tammy Ough T. Ough, B.His. B.Ed., M.Ed.

“I feel so grateful to have crossed paths with such a fabulous vocalist. I consider my time with Sandi invaluable. As a teacher, she has pushed and inspired me to go to places vocally that I hadn't before. As a mentor, she has given me the confidence and nurture to move forward and continue to follow my dreams. Thank You, Sandi, for helping me return to music and performance.”

photo Bradley Barkman Bradley Barkman

“As a mother of three children, I have placed my trust in many teachers over the years. Sandi stands out as a shining example of the best of the best. She imparts the knowledge with a firm but gentle touch. She gives her students the opportunity to flourish while inspiring them with endless possibilities and strong work ethic. The things my daughter learns from her I know will have an effect on her for the rest of her life, even beyond music.”

photo Kristy Ilic Kristy Ilic

“With the “Student Master File,” you have demonstrated in your book, the record keeping will be so simple. It eliminates the feeling of unfairness by me and by my students. Your book is very helpful as well. Thank you for making it available.”

Alan Birdsall
Voice Teacher

“I have learned and gained so much from your book. I can’t tell you how beneficial it has been for me in re-starting the studio.”

Becky Cappelli
Voice Teacher